Teachers Wanted!

We are growing!

We are adding 15 to 20 students a month so if you are looking for more students, an amazing place to teach, and the income which comes from having plenty of students, please consider teaching at our studio.

We need teachers who want to

  • Help students from ages 5 to 85 make the piano a companion for a lifetime,
  • Use modern equipment and pianos which are well maintained,
  • Work in a studio that is considered the most beautiful in the area,
  • Work no more than 2 evenings per week, (more are available if you want them)
  • Have plenty of students without prospecting and excessive administrative work,
  • Enjoy freedom from uncertainty, and
  • Be well paid.

Ideal teacher candidates

  • Are flexible, creative, teachable, keep their promises, consistently demonstrate excellent character, and consistently place others ahead of themselves,
  • Want studio staff to value their skills and talents,
  • Are constantly looking for ways to make the studio better,
  • Are passionate about music,
  • Love to teach and maintain productive, enjoyable relationships with a wide range of students and parents,
  • Want to teach piano long term, not just as a stepping stone to other goals,
  • Are patient and not easily annoyed,
  • Enforce necessary practices at home, and
  • Will commit to the philosophy and teaching strategies of Simply Music and Inner Musician,

How can one of these amazing opportunities be yours? Just do one, two, three:

  1. Send your resume to office@keysofjoystudio.com.
  2. Attend one of our Piano Discovery Sessions. (Click the button at the bottom of the home page to book your session. You can even pretend to be a prospective student.) These sessions are conducted by the owners on Monday and Friday evenings, and they introduce prospective students and their parents to our studio and our teaching methods. We even teach prospects how to play part of a song! If you like what you see, stay after the session to discuss the job with the owners.
  3. If all of us agree that working at our studio is appealing, we will schedule another interview to discuss the position and your desires in more detail. If you become an employee of the studio, you will begin the process of becoming qualified to teach with Simply Music and Inner Musician. We will pay for all of your training and coaching and we will make sure that you are comfortable with all of our systems and procedures before you begin teaching. Does this sound like a good plan? Let’s get started!

We hope to hear from you soon!