Everyone is deeply, naturally and profoundly musical – even those who think they’re not!

Neil Moore, Founder, Simply Music

Play a Story – Ages 5 to 7 Created by Lyndel Kennedy of Inner Musician, Play a Story uses storytelling, animated books and movie clips to inspire our youngest students to improvise and play their own music spontaneously. Travelling through a storybook world, your children will learn to listen, feel and literally ‘play the story’ across the whole piano.

The vocabulary of your child’s musical language comes in the form of simple piano motifs – short musical phrases or ideas. The motif incorporates melody, harmony and rhythm. How your child plays the motif describes what’s happening in the story.

As well as creating music, they’ll be learning key theoretical concepts, forming a solid playing foundation through a curriculum which spans twelve to eighteen months. At the completion of their time with Play a Story, the students transition to Simply Music for their journey forward.

Simply Music – Ages 6 and Up These aren’t ordinary piano lessons! Simply Music enables piano students to play more songs, of higher quality, in much less time, far more easily than is possible with other methods.

After one year of lessons, Simply Music students will typically:

  • Play 30 to 50 pop, blues, jazz and classical songs from memory anytime, anywhere
  • Arrange their own versions of existing songs
  • Compose their own songs
  • Learn lead sheets of their own choosing with minimal assistance from their teacher
  • Play accompaniments with singers or other musicians
  • Understand and use standard chord structures
  • Transpose songs into any key, in real time, using standard chord structures
  • Understand and use a wide variety of contemporary chords in every key
  • Play music with character and emotion
  • Be comfortable playing for audiences
  • Delight in playing the piano for themselves and for others

After 3 years of lessons, Simply Music students:

  • Continue with everything in the first list
  • Read sheet music and use it to learn songs on their own, of a variety of styles
  • Play an additional 30 songs from sheet music provided by the instructor and the student, from all genres and of substantially greater complexity and musical expression
  • Understand and use more complex chord progressions, including jazz harmony
  • Understand and use integrated theory

Piano students gain much more than these skills:

Check out this video to learn how learning an instrument improves creativity, problem solving, persistence and many other fundamental skills and abilities!

Let our highly skilled and patient teachers help you and yours become musically expressed for a lifetime. We are ready to help and we can accommodate nearly any schedule. Space is limited, so if you think that you might want to start lessons in the next session, schedule a Piano DiscoverySession soon.

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