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Learn piano in a place like no other, from teachers who are like no others!


Open Mic Night, November 2021

Hi! We are the teachers of Keys of Joy! Studio, and we’re glad you’re here. We use piano methods developed by Simply Music and Inner Musician, and these unique, playing-based approaches represent breakthroughs in music education. We are the only teachers in the area who can teach you to play 30 to 50 songs in your first year.

From ages 5 to 95, our students are playing it allBlues, Jazz, Classical, Pop, and Accompaniments, from their very first lessons. They improvise, compose their own music, and achieve results that are a quantum leap beyond what is possible with traditional lessons. Our students

  • Experience playing the piano as a natural self-expression,
  • Play a vast repertoire of great-sounding music,
  • Learn to teach themselves and progress on their own, and
  • Enjoy a highly positive experience, both in their lessons and when they practice at home.

This impressive growth places our students well on the way to making the piano a companion for a lifetime.

Some of our students are shown below, playing at a recent Open Mic Night, in the most beautiful and well-equipped studio in the region!

We offer in-person lessons Monday through Friday and new classes start frequently.

To help keep you and yours safe in our studio, we have installed downdraft ventilation in all teaching and performance spaces, we run the HVAC fans continuously during teaching hours, and, we replace the air filters in our rooftop HVAC units four times a year, which is twice as often as usual. These steps substantially reduce the risk of catching colds or other airborne diseases. (In typical commercial spaces, HVAC supply and return vents are located at the ceilings. This causes the supply and return air to mix at head level along with contaminates. Downdraft ventilation places the return vents at floor level, so that the air flows down from the ceiling and is collected at floor level. This eliminates mixing of air and contaminates at head level, which reduces the spread of airborne contaminates.)

Further, all surfaces that are handled by staff or students are disinfected daily. As of December 2021, there has not been a single case of COVID transmission within the studio.

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Would you like to know more? Come to one of our Free Introductory Sessions! We present Free Introductory Sessions on various Monday and Friday evenings, and these sessions are a great way to learn how you can play more music than you thought possible. We’ll even teach you how to play part of a song! If you like what you hear you will have an opportunity to enroll in lessons. If you would like to participate in a Free Introductory Session, please call the studio at 785-856-4400, or just complete the Contact Form, below: