It's true - you really can play the piano


Play the piano from your very first lessons

You don't need amazing talent and you don't need hours of tedious drills, dozens of flashcards full of arcane symbols and months of unrelenting focus on technique before you play your first real music. All you need is Simply Music, a breakthrough in piano education.

Play 30 to 50 songs in your first year

Our students are able to play 30 to 50 songs of all styles within their first year of lessons! Whether they are 5 or 95 or any age in between, Simply Music enables piano students to learn much more music, of higher quality, in much less time and much more easily than is possible with other methods.

Enjoy lessons that are filled with achievement and laughter

Our students play for each other in every lesson. Parents of preschoolers learn with their children and everyone experiences fun, growth and genuine achievement. Our students experience victory after victory in lessons and when they practice at home.

Make the piano a companion for a lifetime

Our students experience music as a natural self-expression and they:


  • Play a huge repertoire, covering a wide array of musical styles and genres. After just a few months of lessons, our students can sit down anywhere, anytime, and play lots of music.
  • Develop the ability to progress on their own. They are equipped to teach themselves and to work from sheet music, and then set the page aside, carrying the song with them in their minds, hearts and hands.
  • Enjoy a highly positive experience in lessons and when they practice at home.

Students who complete the full Simply Music program can play anything they want in blues, pop, jazz and contemporary styles, accompany other musicians, play from sheet music, and create their own arrangements of existing tunes and create their own original songs.


They love to play and it shows!

Attend a Free Introductory Session

Our enrollment has more than doubled in the last nine months and we are the fastest growing piano studio in the region. More than 1/3 of our students are adults and we have more adult students than all of the other teachers in the area combined. Come to a FREE Introductory Session and discover the musicality that dozens of students are enjoying every week!


FREE Introductory Sessions are fun, dynamic, and hands-on introductions to Simply Music. We'll show you how Neil Moore developed Simply Music, how it compares with traditional methods, and we'll even teach you how to play a song! These sessions are held at the studio on two Saturdays each month, at 2 pm, as shown on the studio events calendar, below. Call us at 785-856-4400 to reserve your seats or just show up!  Begin your journey into music today!


Make the piano a companion for a lifetime


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