Keys of Joy! Studio proudly offers Simply Music piano, the breakthrough Australian method that has students playing great-sounding music from their very first lessons. Whether you are 7 or 75 or any age in between, whether you are a beginner or have tried to learn before, in just a few weeks you'll be playing classical, blues, and contemporary pieces and learning to improvise and accompany with ease and confidence. You'll be playing 30 to 50 songs within your first year!


Experience why parents and students have made us the fastest growing piano studio in Lawrence!

Simply Music is the world's largest playing-based piano method. Millions of lessons have enabled tens of thousands of students to make the piano a companion for a lifetime. Additionally, our studio is a nurturing community where students love to belong and make music together. Our lessons unleash the creativity and musicality that all people possess, and they help students become attentive listeners, creative thinkers, and well-rounded human beings.

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Call us at 785-856-4400 today and we'll give you the details over the phone. Or, you can click here and register for a Free Introductory Session at the studio. These sessions provide a fun, dynamic, and hands-on introduction to this breakthrough piano method. We'll show you how Neil Moore developed Simply Music, how it compares with traditional methods, and we'll demonstrate how it works. You'll even learn how to play part of a song! If you like what you see, you'll also have an opportunity to enroll in lessons.


Bring your questions, bring your student, and prepare to be impressed with Simply Music at Keys of Joy!

Evan Hunter, Owner and Certified Instructor

John Hunter, Studio Manager and Licensed Instructor


For heights and depths no words can reach,


Is the soul's own speech!

Why Music Lessons Matter

Nothing expresses our deepest feelings like music. When no words will do, the right notes can give voice to your deepest feelings. We really mean it when we say that you can make music a companion for a lifetime. Music is one of the first things to develop and one of the last things to go. It’s one of the few after-school activities that you can continue to enjoy even into old age. We have never heard a 70 year old say that he wished he could play more basketball, but more than a few have wished that they could play the piano.


There are many other benefits of learning to play the piano. For example...


Cognitive Development

Learning to play the piano strengthens the brain—and not just the parts that have to do with listening. Children who take piano lessons demonstrate better memory recall and are better able to process language. Studies have proven that playing music actually re-wires the brain, making stronger neural connections between different sections, including more connections between the left and right sides of the brain.


Academic Performance

Not surprisingly, the cognitive benefits of playing the piano often translate to academic success.


Students who take piano lessons often have better listening skills and better recall. They master using several parts of their brains simultaneously. Piano students tend to perform better in math, writing, and science, and score an average of 102 points higher on their SATs.


And the effects of piano lessons aren’t just a temporary boost. Many studies show that the benefits endure for a lifetime.


Emotional Health and Creativity

The benefits of music, of course, go far beyond better test scores. Singing or playing an instrument stimulates creativity and self-expression. Music-making can boost self-confidence and be an effective method of stress relief and relaxation.


And sharing the beauty of music with others creates connections with others—whether that’s with family and friends, or the larger community. Music making is part of what makes us human, and it has the ability to inspire, move, and empower those it touches.


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