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"My daughter is advancing through the program at remarkable speed. The program is amazing – she can’t get enough. Her traditional lessons were going nowhere – she hated them. Now she’s flying through Simply Music and loves it!"

Jim Thompson, parent

"I have wanted to play the piano for so long (I am 69 years young), but always at every attempt got so disheartened as it seemed to be so difficult, and the theory side of it was not my thing at all.


Learning to play at Keys of Joy! has made my dream come true."

Tom, Adult Student

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am! I have mastered the first songs easily and am now on the Blues. All I can say is a big THANK YOU for devising this wonderful way of teaching people to play the piano, I shall be eternally grateful to you."

Beryl, Adult Student

"Oh, I love the songs!  My two boys love this program!  We’ve been singing a hymn from church and the other day one of our boys just walked up to the keyboard and played it by ear - after his first month of lessons with Keys of Joy!”

Anja, Parent

These aren't ordinary piano lessons...

Our young students are playing great-sounding music from their very first lessons and they are learning 30 to 50 songs in their first year.

Our adult students are recovering lost skills or discovering the musicality they thought they didn't have.

Everyone is making the piano a companion for a lifetime.

Our programs enable piano students to play songs - lots of songs, of higher quality, in much less time and much more easily than is possible with other methods.


Our students typically achieve these four results:


  • They experience music as a natural form of self-expression.
  • They play a huge repertoire, covering a wide array of musical styles and genres. After just a few months of lessons, our students can sit down anywhere, anytime, and play lots of music.
  • They develop the ability to progress on their own. They are equipped to teach themselves and to work from sheet music, and then set the page aside, carrying the song with them in their minds, hearts and hands.
  • They enjoy a highly positive experience in lessons and when they practice at home.

Let our highly skilled and patient teachers help you and yours become musically expressed for a lifetime.


Our teachers are ready to help and we can accommodate nearly any schedule. New classes start frequently. Would you like to know more? Come to a Free Introductory Session and learn how you can...

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