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"My daughter is advancing through the program at remarkable speed. The program is amazing – she can’t get enough. Her traditional lessons were going nowhere – she hated them. Now she’s flying through Simply Music and loves it!"

Jim Thompson

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Simply Music

Ages 4 to 6

Play the soundtrack of your imagination!

Play a Story is a musical journey into discovery and wonder. Using the piano, students create musical soundtracks that enrich a captivating storybook world of forests, seascapes, and living things of all sizes.


Play a Story provides a fundamentally creative experience that stimulates children's natural curiosity, musicality, and sense of wonder.


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6 to 96

Learn 30 to 50 songs in  your first year!

Simply Music is an Australian-developed piano and keyboard program that offers a breakthrough in music education.


This unique approach has children, teens, adults, and seniors playing great-sounding blues, classical, contemporary, and accompaniment pieces from their very first lessons.


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FREE Introductory Sessions are fun, dynamic, and hands-on introductions to Play a Story and Simply Music. We'll show you how Play a Story students are improvising from their first lessons, and Simply Music students are playing 30 to 50 songs in their first year.


We will even teach you and your children how to play a song!


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