Teach Piano at Keys of Joy!

Amazing Piano Teachers Wanted!

Do you teach piano, but would like to have more control over your schedule? Would you like to have students who love to play?

Have you dreamed of teaching piano, but didn’t think that you could? 

If this sounds like you, we would like to talk with you! We are Keys of Joy! Studio of Lawrence, KS, and we believe that everyone is deeply, naturally, and profoundly musical, even those who think they’re not!  We use the breakthrough piano methods developed by Inner Musician and Simply Music, and most of our students learn 30 to 50 songs within their first year of lessons. These methods overturn traditional understandings of who can learn to play and who can teach, and they are so effective that we will add about 75 new students in each of the next three years. We need more teachers to help these students become musically expressed.

What qualifications are important for this position? Teachers may specialize in early childhood, older children, or adults. Additionally, successful  candidates:

  • Love to play the piano,
  • Love to teach,
  • Are open to learning breakthroughs in music education,
  • Works well with others, highly cooperative,
  • Demonstrate a high level of initiative,
  • Love to apply creativity to help students become musically expressed,
  • Are seeking a stable, long-term position,
  • Are reliable, and
  • Can teach 5 to 20 hours each week.

If you possess these characteristics and would like to teach in a warm, creative and supportive environment, please visit our website at www.keysofjoystudio.com, and send a note with your resume to teachpiano@keysofjoystudio.com. Join our amazing team and help us create a world where everyone plays!