Jam Nights and Open Mic Nights!


Open Mic Night in the Piano Lounge

We offer two types of performance experiences for our students, and both take place in our beautiful Piano Lounge.

Our House Bands rehearse on Friday evenings and these rehearsals are open to all students and parents who would like to play in the bands, and to our piano students who would like to sharpen their piano chops with a band and vocalists. These events are called Open Mic Nights and they are open to all students at Keys of Joy!

These pics are from an Open Mic Night that was held in September. Lots of fun!

We don’t hold traditional recitals. Instead, we set up our Piano Lounge as a cafĂ© with lots of food and drink, and the students play from their growing repertories of blues, classical, pop and accompaniments, and they take requests from the audience. The House Bands play along with the piano players and everyone has a fantastic time.