"This is a wonderful music program and the results are astounding! Even if you don’t consider yourself musically talented, this program is designed for you! It is easy to understand and easy to play a full repertoire of beautiful songs from a variety of genres. I also think this program could be a major breakthrough for children with a variety of cognitive delays and learning disabilities. I love the Simply Music approach."


 Dr. Anne Margaret Wright (Psy.D.) Educational Consultant for:

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

These aren't ordinary piano lessons...

Our young students are playing great-sounding music from their very first lessons and they are learning 30 to 50 songs in their first year.

Our adult students are recovering lost skills or discovering the musicality they thought they didn't have.

Everyone is making the piano a companion for a lifetime.

"After the first month it was already amazing how she was progressing! About six months in she was at a friend's house and they were messing around on the piano; my daughter started playing and the whole family came in to hear her. Her mother called me and asked how long she had been playing piano because they just couldn't believe how good she was. Mr. Hunter is a wonderful instructor and the program is such a neat and exciting way to learn piano. I would highly recommend Keys of Joy!"

Nealy Newkirk, parent of student, Lawrence

Simply Music is a Breakthrough!

Simply Music enables piano students to learn much more music, of higher quality, in much less time and much more easily than is possible with other methods.


Our students typically achieve these four goals:

  1. They experience music as a natural self-expression.
  2. They play a huge repertoire, covering a wide array of musical styles and genres. After just a few months of lessons, our students can sit down anywhere, anytime, and play lots of music.
  3. They develop the ability to progress on their own. They are equipped to teach themselves and to work from sheet music, and then set the page aside, carrying the song with them in their minds, hearts and hands.
  4. They enjoy a highly positive experience in lessons and when the practice at home.


How do we get such amazing results?

  1. We delay the reading process by about a year or until it is developmentally appropriate. Our students are playing great sounding music with both hands from their first lessons.
  2. We show our students how to visually map sequences and patterns to the keyboard so that they can start playing immediately without referring to sheet music.
  3. After they have developed a repertoire of 30 to 50 songs in all styles, we introduce our students to an innovative approach to reading that makes extensive use of the songs that they have already learned.


This amazing process maximizes the likelihood of our students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion.


What practical skills do our students acquire?

This little checklist reveals the practical piano skills that our students typically demonstrate after 1 and 3 years of lessons:


After 1 year, our students

  • Play 30 to 50 pop, blues, jazz and classical songs from memory anytime, anywhere
  • Arrange their own versions of existing songs
  • Compose their own songs
  • Learn lead sheets of their own choosing with minimal assistance from their teacher
  • Play accompaniments with singers or other musicians
  • Understand and use standard chord structures
  • Transpose songs into any key, in real time, using standard chord structures
  • Understand and use a wide variety of contemporary chords in every key
  • Play music with character and emotion
  • Be comfortable playing for audiences
  • Delight in playing the piano for themselves and for others


After 3 years, our students

  • Continue with everything in the first list
  • Read sheet music and use it to learn songs on their own, of a variety of styles
  • Play an additional 30 songs from sheet music provided by the instructor and the student, from all genres and of substantially greater complexity and musical expression
  • Understand and use more complex chord progressions, including jazz harmony
  • Understand and use integrated theory


Our lessons are filled with achievement and laughter. Students play for each other in every lesson. They experience fun, growth and the self-affirmation that comes from genuine achievement. Our students experience victory after victory in lessons and when they practice at home. Students who complete the full Simply Music program can play anything they want in blues, pop, jazz and contemporary styles, accompany other musicians, play from sheet music, and create their own arrangements of existing tunes and create their own original songs. They love to play and it shows!


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