These aren't ordinary piano lessons...

They will learn 30 to 50 songs in their first year

Your kids will be playing great sounding music from their very first lessons

They will make the piano a companion for a lifetime

"After the first month it was already amazing how she was progressing! About six months in she was at a friend's house and they were messing around on the piano; my daughter started playing and the whole family came in to hear her. Her mother called me and asked how long she had been playing piano because they just couldn't believe how good she was. Mr. Hunter is a wonderful instructor and the program is such a neat and exciting way to learn piano. I would highly recommend Keys of Joy!"

Nealy Newkirk, parent of student, Lawrence

Everyone is musical - even those who think they're not

Simply Music is built on the core conviction that everyone, without exception, is deeply, naturally, and profoundly musical. If your children can walk evenly, or snap their fingers to a beat, they have all the musicality that they need. We use this natural musicality in conjunction with Simply Music Digital to enable our students to play great-sounding music from their very first lessons.


Our younger students are developing confidence and self discipline and they are making the piano a companion for a lifetime. Yours can too.

Aren't all piano lessons alike?

If we were like most piano teachers, (which we are not), we would require that our students learn how to read music as they learn how to play, starting with their first lessons. This traditional, or reading-based, approach requires that multiple thought processes be used while playing every note and for most piano students, the result is slow progress and eventually, failure.


This result should not surprise us - it's like requiring that children learn how to read and write before they can talk. How well would that work?


Other methods avoid learning how to read and focus on learning by ear, often with a high stress on technical perfection. The goal of these methods is to produce players for the concert stage, but few students become professional musicians. Most just want to play for themselves, their families and some friends.


The high failure rate of most piano methods has caused most people to believe that only a few students have the ability to learn, and only if they start before age 6. Not us - we believe that EVERYONE can learn how to play and we love to show how easy piano can be with Simply Music.

Simply Music changes everything

  1. We delay the reading process by about a year or until it is developmentally appropriate. Our students are playing great sounding music with both hands from their first lessons.
  2. We show our students how to visually map sequences and patterns to the keyboard so that they can start playing immediately without referring to sheet music.
  3. After they have developed a repertoire of 30 to 50 songs in all styles, we introduce our students to an innovative approach to reading that makes extensive use of the songs that they have already learned.

The results? Students who complete the Simply Music program become musically expressed for a lifetime.

Victory with the piano

Our lessons are filled with achievement and laughter. Students play for each other in every lesson. They experience fun, growth and the self-affirmation that comes from genuine achievement. Our students experience victory after victory in lessons and when they practice at home...


With the help of Simply Music Digital, practice sessions at home provide victory after victory while building essential skills. Simply Music Digital is a complete suite of resources that are designed to develop skill and versatility much more quickly and with less effort than is possible with traditional private lessons. These resources include a daily playlist, video recordings featuring Neil Moore, the founder of Simply Music, audio recordings of all Foundation songs, sheet music and reference materials.

Simply Music Digital provides a level of personal coaching unmatched by any other music instruction program; it is like having a master instructor with you every time you practice!


Students who complete the full Simply Music program can play anything they want in blues, pop, jazz and contemporary styles, accompany other musicians, play from sheet music, and create their own arrangements of existing tunes and create their own original songs. They love to play and it shows!

Discover how easy piano can be at a FREE introductory session

We love to help children express their creativity and their natural musicality. Call us at 785-856-4400 or fill out this form and we will set up a fun, dynamic, and hands-on introduction to Simply Music. We'll show you how Neil Moore developed Simply Music, how it compares with traditional methods, and we'll demonstrate how it works. Your kids will even learn how to play part of a song! If you like what you see, you'll also have an opportunity to enroll in lessons.


Bring your questions, bring your student, and begin your journey into music at Keys of Joy!

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