The complete curriculum is shown below. The first four years are broken out in detail first and the various subjects, or streams, which are covered over the first eight or more years, are shown in the next chart.





Year One

  • Learn 35-50 great sounding pieces in various musical genres
  • Begin to acquire a grasp of the fundamental tools that underscore the Simply Music Piano method
  • Develop the basics of accompaniment performance, composition and improvisation
  • Prepare to begin music writing and reading

Year Two

  • Learn another 25-40 pieces of various musical genres
  • Continue to develop and expand your understanding and use of Simply Music tools and strategies
  • Gain a foundation of music reading and writing
  • Build a stronger understanding of accompaniment, blues and jazz pieces
  • Further develop improvisation and composition

Year Three

  • Learn another 25-40 pieces of various musical genres
  • Further develop your use and understanding of Simply Music tools, strategies and concepts
  • Expand the foundation and understanding of music reading
  • Broaden accompaniment performance abilities
  • Develop a more complex repertoire of diverse musical genres
  • Establish an understanding of music theory and its practical application

Years Four +

  • Further expand students’ repertoire
  • Develop a self-generative capacity in playing, reading, composition and improvisation
  • Develop more fluency with Simply Music tools, strategies, concepts and approaches
  • Explore individual musical interests
  • More deeply explore expression and technique in playing
  • Expand and broaden knowledge of music theory

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